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When we are fully engaged, present, and filled with love EVERYTHING changes. Companies, communities, families, and the planet heal and thrive.



Every day feels easeful, fun, engaging, and filled with the right opportunities. You are influencing and inspiring those you encounter to be and live their best selves. You feel energized and at peace as you move through your day. You know that you are making a real positive impact. You have oodles of energy in your evenings and weekends for play, adventure, and connection with your loved ones.

It’s all possible. I’ve helped hundreds of leaders (especially women) like YOU experience this. They have experienced profound improvements at work, in their careers, and their lives. It would be my honour to support you too.

My clients experience powerful shifts in their work and lives as they heal their heart and spirit. Organizations, leaders, executives, parents, coaches, creatives, agilists, women, and men — all are experiencing more joy and success in their lives and careers.

I’ve spent nearly two decades in the technology industry as a leader, manager, coach, trainer, and speaker. The past ten years I’ve studied psychology, mind-body-spirit wellness, navigating trauma, shamanic wisdom, meditation practices, energy healing modalities, the power of the heart, and intuition. I bring these together in my work, and my life.

I live what I teach.


Ways To Work With Me


My 1:1 and small group clients experience powerful shifts in their work and lives as they heal their heart and spirit. 1:1 client relationships are by application only.

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I’m blessed to be invited to speak with audiences globally. I’d be honoured to inspire your audience with practical wisdom from the heart and soul.

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Learn with me online from the comfort of your home or office. Embark upon lasting transformation + success for yourself and all those you’re here to support.

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I offer transformative and immersive live events, workshops, and retreats to help you shift into your happiest, most successful, influential, and joyous self.

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