We are finally in the tail end of energies we’ve experienced the first three months of 2019.

It’s been an intense journey navigating the release of all that wanted to be cleared out in preparation for a new abundant and vibrant beginning (speaking from experience here).

April will be much different than the first three months of the year — can you feel the shift in energy yet?


As we move towards the new moon on April 5th:

You will likely start feeling more ease, joy, and even vibrancy. As you allow these uplifting vibrations within, you will experience more flow, inspiration, and serendipitous connections in your life. Enjoy this! You deserve to experience more beauty in your life.

It is time to create the next phase of your life. Be clear about what you desire, and focus your intention. Anything that does not feel like love and clarity towards your desire either wants to be released or is simply fear. Feel it and let it go. Allow your vibration to lift up to receive your desires. 

If you honoured the intense releases around the full moon, mercury retrograde, and spring equinox the last two weeks, you’ll be well prepared. If not, no worries! There is always time; you are exactly where you are meant to be for your greatest learning and most beautiful expansion. 

Sit quietly with yourself, turn inwards, and allow you to guide you. You are capable of shifting into your new life with your beautiful soul as your guide.

This month we welcome the Full Pink Moon on April 19th.

It is named for the appearance of the wild ground phlox – which of course is pink. Try to spot it’s arrival! 


The energies of our beautiful Pink Moon support and invite you to:

Release anything else that has hung on since March’s Full Moon (that was intense! You are invited to allow the rest to leave — stop resisting the change that wants to happen, just let it all go).

Be mindful about shifts in relationships that are being called for. Voice clearly and authentically where you haven’t been yet. Respond, instead of react. Listen to your inner voice about whom to invite closer, whom to lovingly release, and how to deepen your relationship with yourself.

Release a relationship that’s been straining you OR to step into a journey of healing together. Stop straddling the space of strain in between, pick one or the other. Your energy will free up as you move forward with a clear choice. The heaviness will fall away.

Improve your personal boundaries, in tune with the truth of who you really are. Honour the self, while you honour others. This means having boundaries for yourself, with yourself. What will you no longer exert thoughts and energies on? What will you allow yourself to step into that is supportive and nurturing? Sometimes we feel we need to cut people out in order to honour ourselves — that’s perhaps necessary when we’ve struggled to have self-care practices in place. When you feel stronger, and you nurture yourself, you’ll be able to lovingly part from others with kindness for everyone involved. Think of it as lovingly freeing a bird who you were nurturing back to health — you don’t block yourself off from it’s beauty, you lovingly let it fly free.

Your heart and soul’s desires are begging to be given space to manifest. Give yourself space to hear what they are asking for. Instead of going on an excited free-for-all that you may need to recover from later, tame the flames and allow them to burn deep and long. Use this energy wisely and create something new in your life for the long haul that lifts you up.

Instead of doing things out of obligation to yourself and others, instead of being in-step with busy-ness of life…. step beyond all of it. Ask for more clarity on who you are called to be in this life. Go within and hear the answer. Take steps towards who you really are. Be easeful as you recalibrate your energy field in moving forwards.

You are ready to bloom!

Blessings and peace as you journey forwards this month.