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April 21-27, 2019

Tzununa, Guatemala


Join an intimate group at the gorgeous Bambu Guest House in Guatemala to honour yourself, nourish each part of your being, and step into balance. It’s your time to flourish!


Inspiring real change from the heart first. Tune in for real stories and wisdom on the power of heart-led leadership for companies, communities, families, and individuals. New episodes are released weekly.


Intuitive leadership and transformation coach, speaker, advisor, mentor, and spiritual guide.

I’m a trusted guide for leaders seeking profound improvements. Clients experience powerful shifts in their work and lives as they heal their heart and spirit. Organizations, leaders, executives, parents, coaches, creatives, agilists, women, and men — all are experiencing more joy and success in their lives and careers.

I’ve spent nearly two decades in the technology industry as a leader, manager, coach, trainer, and speaker. The past ten years I’ve studied psychology, mind-body-spirit wellness, navigating trauma, shamanic wisdom, the power of the heart, and intuition. I bring these together in my work, and my life. I live what I teach.

I’m the founder of Lead With Love Global, and Women Ignited. I offer a variety of transformational programs, classes, coaching, a podcast, and sacred healing circles.

Radiant Leaders

Great leaders inspire, influence, and guide others to their own greatness. They achieve high performance with ease with their teams, company, and for themselves. It’s a method of presence, clear intention, authentic connection, and trust. Amplify your leadership skills to experience ease, joy, and incredible outcomes. Choose to Lead With Love.

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Radiant Women

Companies, communities, and families thrive when women feel strong and empowered as leaders. Develop a high level of inner strength, confidence, and radiance — so you and those around you flourish. Ignite yourself with other incredible women, and gain massive clarity, confidence, influence, and abundance.

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Radiant Soul

Find peace, ease, and joy as you bring your heart & spirit back to life. At work and at play, you can create a life that feels meaningful, impactful, connected, influential, and purposeful. Be lovingly supported as you learn to tune to the radiant wisdom residing within you. I invite you to come back home to yourself.

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April 21-27, 2019 – Tzununa, Guatemala